3.8. Servers Table

DataparkSearch has ServerTable indexer.conf command. It allow load servers and filters configuration from SQL table.

3.8.1. Loading servers table

When ServerTable mysql://user:pass@host/dbname/tablename[?srvinfo=infotablename] is specified, indexer will load servers information from given tablename SQL table, and will load servers parameters from given infotablename SQL table. If srvinfo parameter is not specified, parameters will be loaded from srvinfo table. Check the structure for server and srvinfo tables in create/mysql/create.txt file. If there is no structure example for your database, take it as an example.

You may use several ServerTable command to load servers information from different tables.

3.8.2. Servers table structure

Servers table consists of all necessary fields which describe servers parameters. Field names have correspondent indexer.conf commands. For example, "period" field corresponds "Period" indexer.conf command. Default field values are the same with default indexer.conf parameters.

"gindex" field corresponds "Index" command. Name is slightly changed to avoid SQL reserved word usage.

Description for several fields see in Section 9.3>.

Note: Only those servers are read from the table where "active" field has 1 value and "parent" field has 0 value. This is useful to allow users to submit new URLs into servers table and give administrator a possibility to approve added URLs.

3.8.3. Flushing Servers Table

Flush server.enabled to inactive for all server table records. Use this command to deactivate all command in servertable before load new from indexer.conf or from other servertable.