8.7. Search results cache

Search results cache allows search.cgi to make very fast response on recently used queries as well as user's navigation though the pages of the same result.

Search results cache is disabled by default. You may use Cache yes command in search.htm to enable results caching. If you use searchd, add "Cache yes" command to searchd.conf file.

Search cache is located in $PREFIX/var/cache/ subdirectory, where $PREFIX is DataparkSearch installation base directory. Each result is stored in a separate file.

By defaults, search results cache is not deleted automatically. You have to delete it every time after indexer's work to avoid displaying non-recent cached results. Or you may specify a refresh period for search results cache using HoldCache command:

HoldCache <time>
For <time> format see description of Period command in Section 3.10.28>.
HoldCache 3h