8.2. mod_dpsearch module for Apache httpd

Since version 4.19 DataparkSearch also provide the mod_dpsearch.so module for Apache web server.

8.2.1. Why using mod_dpsearch

8.2.2. Configuring mod_dpsearch

To enable this extension, add --enable-apache-module switch to configure. In addition, the mod_dpsearch.so shared library will be created and installed into Apache tree. Then you need activate this module by adding following line into Apache configuration file:

LoadModule dpsearch_module       libexec/mod_dpsearch.so
AddModule mod_dpsearch.c

<Ifmodule mod_dpsearch.c>
DataparkSearchdConf /usr/local/dpsearch/etc/modsearchd.conf
    <Location /search>
        SetHandler dpsearch
        DataparkSearchTemplate /usr/local/dpsearch/etc/modsearch.htm
    <Location /storedoc>
        SetHandler dpstoredoc
        DataparkStoredocTemplate /usr/local/dpsearch/etc/modstoredoc.htm

There are three configuration directives supported by this module: DataparkSearchdConf, DataparkSearchTemplate and DataparkStoredocTemplate . The DataparkSearchdConf optional directive specify a searchd related configuration file. It may be only one per server. The DataparkSearchdTemplate directive specify a search template file. The DataparkStoredocTemplate directive specify a storedoc template file. There can be several templates specified per servers, by one per location. If DataparkSearchdConf directive specified, there no need specify DBAddr command in templates.