DataparkSearch versions

Latest versions. Previous years: 2003-2004, 2005.
30 Oct 2006: 4.43, 2,185,630 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:46 MSK
Possible SQL injection has been fixed for malformed hostname in URL.
"ProvideReferer yes/no" command has been added. Use it to provide Referer request header for HTTP and HTTPS connections.
Support has been added for cp775 charset (Baltic Rim DOS codepage).
ISO 639-2 and most widely used language aliases were added for charset and language guesser.
Defalut value of &ps= CGI-parameter has been changed to 10.
Incorrect processing of round brackets has been fixed for non boolean search modes.
MaxDepth command has been added. Use it to limit directory depth of url.
ReplaceVar command is now accept variable value in BrowserCharset. To add variable in LocalCharset, use ReplaceVarLcs command.
Possible trap has been fixed when Store/NoStore command is used.
Alias command has been fixed in search.htm template.
SEASentences and SEASentenceMinLength commands were added.
Semantic for -r switch of indexer has been reverted. Seeding algorithm has been changed also.
The Ultra relevance mode has been modified.
MaxSiteLevel command has been added. (See blog entry).
CrawlDelay command has been added. Use it to specify default pause in seconds between consecutive fetches from same server.
The Neo PopRank can now be calculated using several indexer threads (ex.: "indexer -TRN4").
01 Sep 2006: 4.42, 2,281,376 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:46 MSK
Some modifications for speed performance has been made.
XML parser has been improved.
CRC32 has been totaly replaced by Hash32. Collisions are possible in clones detection when upgrade.
cache:// dbtype has been fixed for searchd.
Minor bug has been fixed in content decompressing.
Indexer can now gather geopositions specified in special meta tags. See blog entry
&empty= CGI-parameter has been added. Use it to disable use search limits to show results if no query words is entered.
UseDateHeader command has been added. Use it to get value of Date: HTTP header as date of document if no Last-Modified header is specified.
Asynchronous SQL commands processing has been added for PgSQL.
Clones detection has been modified for better performance.
Possible trap on excerpt construction has been fixed.
-z swicth for indexer has been added. Use it to limit indexer to documents with hops value no more than specified.
Severel bugs (#175, #176) were fixed.
22 Jul 2006: 4.41, 2,277,972 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:46 MSK
A small bug in optimisation of corrupted cache database has been fixed.
The CharsToEscape command has beed added. Use it to specify the list of characters to escape for $∓(x) search template meta-variables.
The Neo PopRank has been slightly modified.
Incorrect processing of LocalCharset has been fixed for non-multithread version.
exec: virtual scheme has been fixed.
An option for has been added to select the support for extra charsets.
"AddURl: URL not found" erroneous warning has been fixed for case when UseCRC32URLId is enabled.
A new command "MarkForIndex yes/no" has been added.
mod_dpsearch can now be built without SQL-server support for cache mode only version. Use --enable-apachecacheonly switch for configure to enable and cache:// dbtype for DBAddr command in mod_dpsearch related configuration files.
The growing of error message has been fixed for mod_dpsearch.
A new command "ReplaceVar name value" has been added.
The "near" search mode has been fixed.
The Summary Extraction Algorithm (SEA) has been modified for better performance.
25 May 2006: 4.40.1, 2,259,333 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:45 MSK
A serious bug prevent index construction in cache mode has been fixed.
23 May 2006: 4.39, 2,257,786 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:45 MSK
Cached database checkup has been rewritten for better performance. You need to create cachedchk table using indexer -Ecreate command, if upgrade.
Query string parsing has been fixed for case when both CGI and SGML character encodings are used.
The support for HTTP cookies has been added. Use "Cookies yes" command to enable. This is a per Server/Realm command.
"URLInfoSQL no" command has been added to disable storing URL Info into SQL database for cache dbmode.
Storing of content-encoded documents has been fixed.
Template variable can now be written in any charset supported, for example: $(q:UTF-8).
The support for GB18030 charset has been added.
The hops value can now be taking into account for the Neo Popularity Rank calculation. Use --enable-pophops option for configure to enable.
The pause on Crawl-delay directive from robots.txt doesn't block now other indexing threads.
Possible indexer trap has been fixed for case when mirroring is used.
A daemons trap starting from cron or at boot time has been fixed.
The ColdVar command has been added. Use it to disable file locking in read only search environment (for cache mode only).
Possible memory leak with aspell support enabled has been fixed.
The Ultra relevance mode has been changed for better performance.
Compilation without zlib has been fixed.
13 Mar 2006: 4.38, 2,239,724 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:45 MSK
Default value of --with-wrdunifactor configure parameter has been changed to 1.5.
The name of search template can now be passed via path_info part of the URL, e.g. http://localhost/cgi-bin/search.cgi/template.htm
For ispell-based fuzzy search, if no exact match is found in dictionary, an entry with longest match suffix is taking to produce word forms.
The indexer can now accepts DP.PopRank META-tag to assign initial value for page PopularityRank.
A indexer trap on Debian Linux has been fixed.
robots.txt processing has been fixed for records with two or more User-Agent fields.
08 Feb 2006: 4.37, 2,231,746 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:45 MSK
Document headers are now stores in stored database and can be used in storedoc template.
A cross scripting vulnerability has been fixed. Please check and upddate your search templates, if upgrade.
Automatic spelling correction has been replaced by suggestion of right spelled words. Use $(Suggest_url) and $(Suggest_q) meta-variables to construct suggestion (see etc/search.htm-dist for example).
Possible trap has been fixed for boolean queries with missed arguments.
The GuesserBytes command has been added.
Language and charset guesser has been improved. You need to update your own created language maps.
Erroneous deletion from "links" table has been fixed.
Template variable truncuting has been fixed for multibyte charsets.
The support has been added for Host: directive in robots.txt.
Several bugs were fixed.
04 Jan 2006: 4.36, 1,999,235 bytes, 20.11.2012, 00:45 MSK
The Neo PopRank has been slightly modified.
Compilation with aspell support has been fixed for OpenBSD.
The indexer can now works with cached and stored via NAT system.
The BodyPattern command has been added.
The SEA performance has been improved.
A possible trap has been fixed for incorrect value specified in <BASE HREF
--enable-full-rel switch of configure has ben replaced by --enable-rel. Currently supported methods are: full, fast, ultra.
The Store and NoStore commands were added.
Several bugs were fixed.

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